Crap I bought.

2015-01-06 19.14.17I have GOT to start remembering to take BEFORE pictures..i keep forgetting…. I blew about 20 dollars trolling a couple of thrift stores today..i know i shouldn’t, most of my time is spend arguing with myself. But lately I have been having some fun ‘upcycling’ things, or at least making them better than i found them. This plaque, was completely back before i washed in the sink with bleach. I thought it was a beaver with some underwater plants, turns out it was a bluebird and some hydrangeas?  It must have been in someone’s garden and got all blackened with mildew.  I am going to repaint it I just have to figure out what I want it to look like…i have been having a mad affair with Rustoleum lately. I will show you what is like when i finish it – i think it was 1.99.2015-01-03 11.26.23

Last week I picked up this other thing.. yeah..i know it’s one of those ugly bits of crap you get at HomeGoods or TJMAXX for 9.99 but when i picked it up, someone had already paid the 9.99 hung it on their wall, got sick of it, dragged it down and shoved it in the back of their car trunk for a while, cause it was terribly fucked up. Now i would have never bought it in Homegoods, but the $2 bucks I paid for it at Goodwill gave me an hour of pleasure…it wasn’t these colors when I got it, it was kinda of a  grey with just the verdigris showing.  So, I played with some RubNBuff, another new toy..and gave it the metal luster which made the verdigris POP.  I have no idea where it will end, up I think on the porch with a plant pot on it.

2015-01-06 19.36.06More shit i bought, a little spinny thing, with an Marshalls price tag on it..another 1.99. A place for my paint brushes. and another cast resin thing…all fucked up…it is truly hideous, I can’t imagine why someone bought it in the first place… but the character is holding a book, so i figured i COULD do something with it.  Perhaps more of the bronzing stuff…we’ll see what i do with it.  Perhaps I should add a caption to it?  2015-01-06 19.37.21 This little northwind came with me from the other house…up until the other day, it was just plain beige, the color my house is now.  Hanging on the red brick porch at the other house, it looked  cute to me. But here it disappeared against the wall. So I practiced a bit with the Rubnbuff stuff, put some black paint in all the creases, then one gold on the petals, and another gold on the face…it’s a little homely but I kinda like it.  Someplace I have a nice leafy green man from the other house, I just need to find him.

2015-01-03 11.26.57 I wish i was artistic… I swear I am the only person I have met in Maine, who isn’t MAKING some form of art.  I can only replicate things I have seen..or in this case finishes I have seen, I can’t seem to invent something that has never existed before.. oh well, once step at a time.

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