crazy days

So, much for those lazy days of summer, my brother and his darling wife, started to break down my mother’s apartment without my knowledge. Of course the only things they have managed to remove so far are things that actually belonged to me but I left there, cause you see I still live in three rooms. By dicking around for 6 months himself has managed to create a crisis where there had not been one before; and NOW they are in a panic. So, she’s whining to me about how they can’t afford to pay for my mother’s place in the home (which neither I nor my mother had any say in selecting) yatta yatta yatta – (these are people who make me leave their kid’s birthday presents in the garage of their mini-mansion instead of inviting me inside) . . . . look, I am trying really hard to stir up some sympathy or their plight here . . . wait, wait, something’s coming . . . . . is it empathy? is it compassion?. . . . . . nope, sorry all I could come up with is apathy, but if you stick around I could whip it up to a good stiff loathing.

worth reading • Jeremy Dibbell of Philobiblos has his Charlottesville Report up for us to read.

blog of note • Ian Khan expresses his love and affection for Tom Congalton of Between the Covers, but in a manly way.

site to see • Because people have a need to glue things to other things “This To That” that will tell you exactly what glue you’ll need.

worth reading • PingMag blog about design in Japan has a feature about the God of Fountain Pens, who knew?

painful lessons • Bookride shares some of the best tall tales from the trade.

worth seeing • The Museum of London and The Times have collaborated to produce a Google Map of tens of thousands of skeletons that lie hidden beneath the streets, houses and offices of London.

clever • Foothills Library, AZ has installed a drive through.

have a cookie • CA Teacher rescues books discarded by school system. “Why, get rid of ‘The Yearling’? Or ‘Leaves of Grass’! How could anybody say there just isn’t room for ‘Leaves of Grass’?” he asked. “If they were throwing out ‘Captain Underpants’ I’d understand, but not ‘Leaves of Grass.’ ” hmm I think i have said those very same words.

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