Crisis Problem Solving in Fiction

I haven’t read a large quantity of the post apocalyptic books hat have been written in the last 20 years. For the most part they seem to involve lots of struggles between groups of humans for dominance. And that’s just not enjoyable for me, my idea of survival situations is problem solving usually cooperative.

Until now my favorite reread was S M Stirling’s Island in the Sea of Time book one, where for an inexplicable reason the Island of Nantucket in March is sent back in time 3000 years, so the islanders have to reconstruct civilization with only what is on the island and available in that era. I am a fascinated at the problem solving involved.

This week I found Brad Manuel’s Last Tribe and it was a pleasant surprise. It suffers a little from white male protagonist syndrome for the 1st third but small price to pay. Massive flu virus kills everyone but 1 in a million, survivors must meet up, survive the 1st year, and decided where to go permanently. I kept reading (or listening) to the book with dread expecting some sort of interhuman group conflict to spoil it for me, but it doesn’t. Aside from an unrealistic string of lucky accidents (no one gets sick or injured..grrr), the book is a series of problem solving with the survivors discussing pros and cons of courses of action. None of the characters had been preppers and a lot of their problem solutions I think could have been solved differently but it was nice to find a depiction of logical decision making process. (one of the reasons I loved the Martian was the depiction of problem solving) Last Tribe also features DETAILED descriptions of the Food, it made me keep getting up to eat. The entire time I was listening to this 22 hour long book in my headphones I inventoried all my gear and supplies. (btw i would rate the book a PG so it would be fine for young adults)

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