Crochet Pouches for every occasion

This crocheted pouch is an example of needlework projects women were supposed to be doing whenever they had down time, cause god forbid they get bored. The ability to add images and engravings to printed magazines mid-19th century, caused a flood and a hunger for needlework, textile and craft projects.

This one i found a few months ago for a few dollars in a basket of boring linen handkerchiefs. Luckily it wasn’t stained and i haven’t had to wash it. (I recommend oxyclean stain spray for nearly all vintage fabrics) Handwork like this should be much more collectible than it is. It takes a lot of time, and I certainly can’t see that small anymore.

This one had remnants of its pink satin lining. I nearly never handsew, since I can’t see for shit anymore, but I think it came out pretty good. Reticules and handbags, didn’t have interior pockets, and were generally containers for other bags, one would have a coin purse, a watch purse, etc…. so one made a lot of bags

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