Crossword Puzzle Day*

* you know I am just making them up now, right?

calendar •
1872 – Phileas Fogg walks into the Reform Club 79 hours, 23 hours and 59 minutes after starting his trip around the world in 80 days to win his £20,000 wager.
1892 – Rebecca West is born, American writer (d. 1983)
1913 – 1st crossword puzzle (with 32 clues) was compiled by Arthur Wynne and printed in New York World
1917 – Heinrich Böll is born, German writer and Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1985)
1932 – Nature writer is born in New York City.

well worth reading •
William Reese has put up a page with his various talks and papers about books and book collecting. I had a good long profitable read there.

resurrectionist • The Gremlins a neglected early work by Roald Dahl has been republished after more than 60 years, following a campaign by an American Air Force historian.

idiot alert • the Georgia drama of the creationist sticker people has finally died. They will no doubt try some other way to rewrite earth’s history. Is there something in the water in Georgia?

meow • apparently there is a brouhaha over at the NBCC over the changes in the nominating process. Galley Cat has the straight dope.

spent the day at the garage trying to convince my mechanic to take sexual favors in exchange for a head gasket . . . needless to say he didn’t go for it. 8(

banktoaster • for those with time on their hands, you can origami yourself a business card holder from DIY

worth hearing • NPR’s On Point had the reports-of-my-death-have-been-greatly-exaggerated, Art Buchwald as a guest.

worth hearing • from NPR Susan Stambergh reports . . . well Ii thought it was fascinating.

surf’s up • Google to digest & index 48 years of NASA Data.

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