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sacomap.jpgI am not going to say “when it rains it pours” too trite for me…but shit…. after weeks of sitting on my hands trying not to go completely mental, i now have a little more ‘work’ than i am comfortable with. JUST when I finally figured out what sort of website I need to create to hang my book publishing empire on, a friend calls up with a data massaging job.

I did start fiddling with my new website, just to get that off the ground, but then i spent most of the day pecking away at the data massaging…it’s the sort of work that seems boring and tedious but it turns out to be exhausting since you have to concentrate on what you are doing, mistakes get lost and you can’t go back and find them….it’s like knitting big piles of data…if you make a fuckup, you have to unravel practicaly to the beginning…for that i have to keep myself well caffinated but i have knock off when i loose the light in the office…..gone are the days when i could do 15 hour stretches…oh i can sit there and screw around with a manuscript for hours and hours…but the work product those last hours is pretty fucking bad, it’s not worth it. I will finish the 1st batch of work tomorrow, and then if i didn’t fuck it up, they will toss me more….just a nice little short term packet of work to keep me going…that was quite nice of them to remember me when it comes to shit like this.

Back to the …the website…’s another WordPress based ecommerce website, it will be an amazon affiliates site which flogs just Maine books and Maine authors. The great thing is that I already own all the software to put it together and had given myself some practice last summer building an experimental website. So the site went up in a couple of hours…still looks like shit, as i need to sculpt it into something that really really looks professional…or at least looks good until i can hire an actual professional. I already own the $50 plugin that will import the amazon products i want into local products. Using WordPress with its Static pages and dynamic posts, AND the products, i can have a full database of Maine books available on Amazon including the Out of print stuff that is still in copyright that I can’t publish. But i can show off all the books i haven’t yet published when i finally publish them. I will have dedicated pages with reading lists and collections and recommendations…and then I can use dynamic blog posts to write about events and local authors and such so that the Google AutoBots will be very busy. There is a good number of authors up there, but without any sort of SHOP venue…Hopefully I will have a good looking website, that they can link to.

It may seem damned odd i hadn’t settled on this idea months ago, it seems a natural fit. I did think actually think about it, but I was still doing book research and getting to know the place. I guess i had to consider everything else before i came around full circle back to it and say…yes this is the right concept. I looked at all the sites that are available and realized that there was a definitel hole in the universe.

I splurged a little today…i guess i am on an UP swing….This little 1880s map of the area i am moving to came up on Ebay and I just couldn’t pass it up for $30. I can get a nice high res scan and perhaps a couple of book covers and a website background. So the expense is well worth it. I also blew some on a take out pizza…really i just wanted the two liters of coke that i got with it. The Pizza will mostly be breakfast

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and lunch tomorrow, so i can start early on the data massaging…now that i have a project I WANT to work on, the paid work is an inconvenience and I want to get it over with. Then I can get back to work on the new site.

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