Dave? Dave's not here man.

This is Dave. Dave is cool. But some days i want to hit him with an ax handle. He likes to go outside every few hours…all night long. So there’s a game of where’s DAVE ? before we go to bed. and he gets locked in the bathroom all night. and people WONDER why i still have all these goddamn pets.

As I predicted, I still have my head up my blog. The few minutes I usually have everyday to do THIS I have pissed away doing this! Which I admit looks pretty damn good, but then I have torn it apart about 50 fucking times … But seriously I am sick of trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Lets just let it lie for a while. There’s a point where you can’t FIX something that ain’t broke. BTW I found the BEST coding shortcut!!! LIQUOR!! 2 glasses of wine and ANYTHING looks better.

Seriously I am having a suck day. The weather is really shitty..like Pacific northwest shitty…Work well…entailed actual WORK today. I sent a news feature into the editior of the local rag I contribute too…AND it got stuck in the spam filter for two fucking days!!! I have 3 or 4 OTHER projects that need my attention. I am inches away from producing the 1st edition of COLLECTED POEMS by Ernest Starr. Bunch of 19th century poems-kinda pallid shite …but I am very pleased with the way the edition is turning out. Publishing on 5 dollars a day, eh? Next up is a 25 book edition of a Haggadah. Windows XP was SUPPOSED to come with a couple of Hebrew fonts but I can’t find them. !!TI NMAD. SEE? I told you liqour makes all this shite flow better.

oh yeah. I fixed it so ANYONE can post comments – hey..i am still getting the hang of this blogging thing. it’s so very X-gen you know. So comment. I like to hear your breathing.

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