days of our lives . . .. are not our own.

Well THAT was a bust! Remember when I said i was taking the day off? yeah right.
no sooner did i drop off cats for the shelter adoption day, then i got a call from Animal Control to deal with a cat who had kittens inconveniently under someone’s front stairs. [folks wonder why i laughed when Himself threatened to call Animal Control ON me. Ha! I am on THEIR speed dial!] So now I am driving back and forth across town checking traps before it gets too dark. So far only one white kitten with an orange tail. As I sit here looking longingly at the library book on paper engineering that i wanted to play with today. “Fooey, I said fooey and I mean fooey.” Olive Oyl.

On the bright side when i was driving back and forth across town, I picked up a few copies of this week’s double issue New Yorker…and you KNOW why, right?

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