de claw

put this under pain in the ass of the day….I lost my BEST river cleaning tool yesterday…well i was out in the river pulling what little trash there was…and i happend to fall IN the river…because i was screwing around instead of doing something the hard way…and i went INto the river..luckily the iphone camera and everything else stayed in the boat. so i stood up in the’s only deep in the middle…and bailed out the boat and got back in. But i lost my device. which was made of an aluminum swiffer handle and a OLD TYME claw cultivator…but as i have been discovering this last year making river tools is that modern technology shortcuts has DICTATED that claw cultivators no longer look the same.
they USED TO LOOK LIKE CLAWS..with the center tine HIGHER than the other two or five if you are talking really vintage. Pulling trash from the river this gives me a small ‘bowl’ in which to balance bottles and cans while the water drains out before i flip it into the boat.

NOW they are made with either all the tines the same level..i have a couple of tools like that and i dislike them they make it hard to ‘grab’ things…or they are made with the center tine SHORTER than the others which would be impossible for me to use for my purpose. I’m pissed off that i have to buy either an expensive RETRO design from a gourmet garden supplier or a vintage claw cultivator and mutilate it in order to mount it on a lightweight handle.
I also have store bought long handled ‘claw’ cultivator but it has a wooden handle actually i have is made with steel extender handless..these are designed to be used on the ground with their weight pointed DOWN. unless you have terrific biceps you don’t want to use them to fish shit out of the river with one hand…your arms and wrists get tired easy…hence the lightweight Swiffer handle.

So i am trolling for a replacement claw today.

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