Dead Bibliobull – get the wiggle out

Dear Bibliobull –

My book wiggles. . . . it is brand new and very expensive, I haven’t even read it yet!

Why is it doing this and how do I stop it?

Got the wiggles.

Dear Wiggy –

Unfortunately you have a BAD BOOK. It is not your fault, it was born this way.

Due to cost cutting measures many publishers have skipped a step in manufacturing, and are only attaching the text blocks to the case, using the endpapers. THIS IS BAD, it is also cheap and mean. With moderate to heavy use your book will have a short lifespan and spend the rest of its days sagging from its own weight, ESPECIALLY if it is a large book as I suspect it is.

Normally there should be a piece of cheesecloth like substance (called mull or super) that binds the text block to the case, this will provides structural support and the open weave has a large surface for the glues to adhere. Sadly this is lacking in your book. If your book is not going to get a lot of use, say it’s a shelf copy of a reference book, you can tighten the hinge by adding a small amount of glue to the inside of the joint, using the video instructions below.

However if your book is going to continue to be opened and closed as it should be, you will have to ADD a small strip or tube of mull or a cheese-cloth like fabric to the inside of the hollowback before you add more adhesive.

• Cut the fabric about twice the width of the spine and slightly longer than the book.
• Insert it into the hollowback against the spine, making sure it covers the inside of both hinges where it will do the most good.
• Insert the same length of wax paper or stiff plastic into the hollow as well, this strip should be wide enough to cover the inside of the BACKSTRIP(cloth part) and protect it from errant glue. To keep it out of the way, cut it very long, loop it around the back of the book and tape it to itself.
• Using the video example, use a long skinny stick covered with a layer of adhesive, (thinned white glue will do) and run a line of glue inside the joint on both sides. Make sure the fabric is IN the crease. You may want to do one side at a time. Remember you can always add more adhesive, but you CANNOT REMOVE IT.
• Close the book and make sure the hinges is aligned correctly, and leave under weight over night.
• The next day, open the book and check the hollowback and see if the joint is tight.
• Remove the wax paper and trim the excess fabric from the top and bottom.

Now write a scathing letter to the publisher and accuse them of anything vile you can think of. They are beyond low.

Biblio Bull-

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