dead notes

super shopping • the silent porn star blog gave us the heads up about this: Sothbey’s July 17th auction includes a collection of case notes on autopsies, records kept by Sir Bernard Spilsbury the father of professional forensic pathology. A wooden filing cabinet with four drawers, each labeled 1905-17, 1918-1927, 1928-30, and 1931-32.

from Sotheby’s catalog description

“These case cards are richly evocative of the macabre side of London in the early 20th century. In the unexceptional month of January 1922, for example, Spilsbury records the following deaths: a domestic servant who was poisoned by potassium cyanide then thrown in the Lea in Hackney (it was unclear whether poison or drowning was the cause of death), a suicide by cyanide in Hampstead, four “sudden deaths”, three heart attacks, one woman who died as the result of a criminal abortion, a pulmonary embolism, a death during an operation to remove the appendix, and the brutal murder of a 79 year-old woman (“…Conclusions At least 11 blows on head & blows on hands by blunt object, 3 cuts by sharp cutting weapon on neck rt hand having grasped weapon. 6 Depressed fractures skull…”)

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