Dead Pet: Send Your Best Little Buddy Off in Style

dead pet

This entire post is an experiment. I went through a number of wordpress plugins trying to find a simple one which attaches amazon affiliate links to posts  and then I just threw in the towel. I already spent money on the WpZonBuilder plugin…$66 in fact. So i think i am going to use it. If you see something you like, click through to amazon. I am not sure if i get a cut if you buy the used copy, but hell, that’s what I always do.

I stumbled on this Dead Pet book by accident killing time at a comic book shop… a REAL one..a big one with lots of toys and other things created for people with disposable incomes. Anyway i was there for an hour and i was determined to find something I could genuinely say I needed.

At first blush this seems ghoulish and creepy…but seeing as how my backyard is filled with dead pets…when they dig it up in future they are going to label me a serial killer… a lot of the chapters in here are quite sentimental and honorable. Granted a chapter on taxidermy sounds tasteless…but there are plenty of people for whom having their pet stuffed helps them heal. personally I find that i MUST DIG THE HOLE MYSELF, i dig the hole and i bury them with all their toys etc. I just wish i had remembered to mark all the graves or at least make a map. 35 years of dead pets? There are chapters on grave markers, hearses, coffins, well of course snake coffins should be lengthwise, even cremation and then attaching those cremains to hobby rockets and shooting them into the sky…

Alas a friend of mine just lost a much beloved pet, and now is NOT the appropriate time to whip out this book…I should have shown it to her months ago when it would have been funny and potentially helpful.

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