Dear Bibliobull – blood trail

Dear Bibliobull:

I recently purchased a book off the net (one supposedly in “fine” condition . . . ha), and when it arrived, I discovered it had 3 splats of dried blood on the fore-edge. It’s gross, but I want to keep the book. Any suggestions?

Bloody Shame

Dear Shame:

Go to the hardware store and buy a sanding sponge, these are found near the sandpaper, and come in various sizes and grits. They are mostly used for sanding spackle and dry wall. With this you can ‘erase’ the surface of the fore-edge, especially good for general fore-edge grime. This won’t work on faux deckle of course.

Any bleaching agent will drain the red out and turn it brown or perhaps yellow. If the drops are small enough, perhaps hydogen peroxide on a q-tip? Since you can’t wash it, the proteins will never completely go away so the best you can do is make them less noticeable.

Biblio Bull-

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