Dear BiblioBull – call letters

Dear Bibliobull –

Do you sell an eraser that can erase white call numers?

White Out.

Dear Whitey –

These are written in either a paint like ink or inscribed with a hot stylus. Either way they are usually coated with clear lacquer to prevent them from chipping off. Your best bet is to test a series of chemicals against the buckram. Usually the turn inside the hollow back is a good place to color test.

Several folks have good luck with these chemicals:
• Nail polish remover (Acetone)
• 91% isopropyl alcohol
• Toluene
• Ditzler Lacquer Thinner
I guess it all depends on the book cloth material and the type of white letters. Beware you may very well end up with a lightened spot where the call letters used to be and then have to use something like Meltonian Shoe Creme to even off the colors. But then depending on the value of the book it may be preferable to big glaring neon call letters.

Biblio Bull-

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