Dear Bibliobull – corroded contacts

Dear Bibliobull:
I forgot to remove the batteries from toys that I had in storage. I can see that the batteries have leaked and the contact points have corroded. The toy doesn’t work. Can these toys be fixed or is it a waste of time to even think about it?

Dead Batteries

Dear Dead:
Any corrosion on the contacts may indeed prevent the item from working. You must remove all the corrosion from the contacts even if you can’t see it.

If there is only light corrosion on the contacts…a darkening or discoloration, use an applicator such as cotton swabs with VINEGAR. if the dark spot persists, try an emery board nail file to remove the dark patches.

For corrosion your can clearly see, i.e. white patches use a BAKING SODA solution. Alternate applying the solution with a bit of cloth or cotton cosmetic rounds, with something stiff some people recommend ink erasers and fine steel wool..i like the emery board. If the contacts are unreachable by finger tips, glue a piece of fine sandpaper around the end of a bamboo skewer or chop stick.

When no more corrosion is visible, clean the contacts with alcohol.

If the contact is corroded through it could probably be replaced
but one would need one of similar size and a soldering iron.


Biblio Bull-

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