Dear Bibliobull: Dirty Duck

donaldDear Bibliobull:

I’m normally a book collector, but recently succumbed to a temptation and purchased the first comic appearance of Donald Duck. This is a huge book for a comic (9 1/2 X 12 3/4), and has a fair amount of surface grime, made more obvious by a prior attempt by a prior owner to remove a pencil signature. The cover is on pulp-ish, non-glossy paper. What would you use for gentle surface cleaning? A document cleaning pad?

Duck and Cover

Dear Ducky:

Since it has an ink printed surface you are correct in avoiding anything abrasive. Your choices are:
Absorene which is like a clean grease free silly putty, which also crumbles and allows you to roll the bits around collecting up surface dirt.

Document cleaning pads which will scatted tiny eraser granules over the surface for you to gently rub in.

Or ground up erasers of varying kinds: art gum or white vinyl. If you want to experiment you can use a cheese or nutmeg grater (avoid pink rubber erasers will just dry out when ground up.)

All of these perform the same function ADHESION, getting the dirt to adhere to the granule surface so you can blow it off; Absorene is just the ‘stickiest’. You can repeat this as often as you like as long as you don’t apply too much pressure to the grains and actually ‘scrub’ against the inks.

Biblio Bull-

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