Dear Bibliobull – dull covers

Dear Biblio Bull-

Is there any product that renews the gloss to rubbed dustjacket surfaces?



Dull on eBay

Dear Dullard –

Armor-All, the ORIGINAL recipe. It’s a harmless silicon emulsion which is pH neutral.

After you have cleaned the previously glossy dust jacket or softcover with light amounts of either Naphtha (lighter fluid) or Windex (or 409) depending on the surface dirt; then apply the Armor-All with the obligatory soft clean cloth.

Since you will be using light amounts and it drys fairly fast, you can put on several coatings.

The Armor-All leather protectant wipes are a decent tool for modern leather bindings that do not have other problems. If it is dry, has red rot, old fragile etc . . . it won’t help will only hurt.

I’m a geek, I go around sticking litmus paper into things.

Biblio Bull-

I think by now we all realize that this kind of thing isn’t for valuable or important books which you shouldn’t be playing with anyway.

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