Dear Bibliobull – electric erasing

Dear Bibliobull –

I just started selling books and am wondering what an electric eraser is. Is it good for removing underlining by pen in a book? If so, I can see how this could greatly enhance the value of some of my books.

Underlined Ed

Dear Undies –

If you are buying a lot of books with underlining already, I think I may have put my finger on your first problem. Books with underlining have almost a negative value, except when buying active college text books from the text book store then it’s like getting free crib notes. Avoid buying books with underlining, unless it’s by someone famous. People don’t like getting them in the mail, anyway. Remember condition, condition, condition If you can be more selective with your purchases, eventually you will raise the entire condition of your inventory and hence their worth.

Regarding electric erasers, they are good for people who have trouble holding smaller erasers and applying enough torque to do the job. Usually they are popular with people who do a LOT of erasing and hence get hand strain.

Electric erasers they come in 2 models, battery and plug in.

Battery models take short white plastic eraser cartridges and are very useful where not a lot of torque is needed. As if you apply more than light pressure, the motor stops. If you let it spin too long, the eraser gets hot and melts, if you use it too much, you go through a lot of cartridges. That’s when you need to move up to the plug in model.

Plug in model cartridges are available in all three erasers: white plastic, pink rubber, and grey rubber. In 30 years I have never found any of them to make a dent on ink unless you don’t mind leaving a paper scar where the ink was.

I loved my plug in electric eraser until I killed it. However they cost upwards of 60-75 US dollars and since I try to buy books in better condition I don’t really need one. I do like the control I have with a stick eraser, however as middle age creeps in dragging its little gnarled knuckles, I may change my tune.

Biblio Bull-

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