Dear Bibliobull – library pocket in a new book?

Dear Bibliobull –

I special ordered a title for customer from Amazon, new as stated and not cheap. It arrived with a library pocket neatly placed inside cover no other markings. Thankfully the customer was happy to get the book and didn’t care about the library pocket. But I am wondering why would the publisher put one in?

High pocket

Dear Pockets –

Some copies of books are preprocessed for libraries. When the library orders it from a jobber it would come with all the cards and pockets already for circulatio, saving the library lots of time and getting the book into circulation quicker.. These days usually non trade editions – the kind that aren’t cheap…but there was a time when it was much more regularly done. You didn’t say the title, but i get the feeling this is a book that will be primarily sold to libraries perhaps they didn’t have any pocketless copies left? or pulled one by accident without the cards inside I’d say it may have been a leftover from the processing service. I am not even certain that they still send the actual CARDS with preprocessed books, perhaps it is new old stock.


Biblio Bull-

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