Dear Bibliobull – repelling insects nicely

Dear Bibliobull –

My brother had a bookworm problem. He has examined all his books and cleaned all his shelves, aside from managing the humidity and temperature what can he do to keep the insects from coming back without harming his pets?

Repelled by bug repellent

Dear Buggy –

Almost any herbalism or organic gardening site will tell you that many herbs repel insects, unfortunately so many herbs repel one insect or another, you may end up with a dozen dishes of potpourri all around your books.

Personally I would collect up a few of these (dried), and grind them to dust in the coffee grinder, then sprinkle them against the back of the bookshelves. Then vacuum them up a few times a year and replace with a new batch. I am sure if you cast around the net you will find more herbs suggested than just these.

Lemon Eucalyptus
Whole Cloves
Osage Orange
Balsam of gilead
Dried marigold
Pyrethrum ( flowers of chrysanthemum)

Biblio Bull-

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