Dear Bibliobull: Rusty Clips

clippyDear Bibliobull:

Do you have a product that would remove or diminish rust stains on paper from metal paperclips? Would one of your erasers help? If so, which one?

Rusty Clipper

Dear Clippy:

Depends on what type of paper…how thick, what kind of finish etc…

Generally rust doesn’t seep as far as ink, so you can get away with a little light surface abrasion. Any of my Inkredibles will work, the white/coarse one is more abrasive and the black one less so. If it is a large dark stain you may want to start with the coarse grade for a smidgen then move to the finer grains after the worst is gone.

If it is highly calendared like onion skin, only the lightest touch will do the trick. If it is bristol finish card stock you can put more torque behind it, but then the rust will not have gone too deep.

There are also different finishes of book paper…very open pored paper responds easily but late 19th c. very smooth surface is more delicate (it depends on how much cloth is in the paper) something with a cardstock back and a printed paper surface is much more delicate as the printed paper is thin and you can’t apply the coarse inkredible for more than a few swipes before you have to switch to fine.

Biblio Bull-

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