Dear BiblioBull – Smelly Cards

This really wasn’t a letter TO me, it kinda came in over the transom. This was a write-in to someone else’s newsletter. A reader sent it to me and asked for my answer. So I have tweaked it a bit to keep from getting sued.

Dear BiblioBull

Have a customer with some oversized laminated postcards. They had been kept in a cellar, and were covered in a black mold. Being laminated though, she managed to clean them completely, but cannot get rid of the smell. Can anyone offer a neutralizing agent, or some home remedy?

Moldey Card Smells.

Dear Cardey –

Where they not laminated I would recommend my Book Deodorizer which would absorb odor and moisture molecules from cardstock. However the lamination would respond to some unscented fabric refresher applied with a lightly sprayed cloth.

The active ingredient in Febreze or other such brand is cyclodextrin, a modified starch which is harmless. The inactive ingredient is Ethyl alcohol, which will kill any residual mold. The ph value is pH (1% solution): 4.0-5.0 which is acidic but the lamination will protect the actual cards.

Wipe the cards individually and then spread them out to dry.

Biblio Bull-

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