Dear Bibliobull – stamping out stamps

Dear Bibliobull –

I bought a store where the previous owner used a “store stamp” in each of your books.
It seems common for advertising purposes and for indicating non-returnable status.
Should I continue doing it?

Stampy Town books.

Dear Stampy –

There is a special circle in hell for people who use rubber stamps in books.

What you are doing is reducing the value of of your own stock, and alienating any serious book buyer. There is no reason to deface books in this manner in this day and age, not for any reason. You want to advertise? give them a bookmark. If you don’t want to buy a book back, then don’t. If you can’t remember which titles are bad for your inventory (the fact that you can’t is scary enough), then use a innocuous mark on the fore-edge. It has been good enough for major publishers to mark remainders for 70 years, I can’t think of why it’s not good enough for a lowly paperback bookseller.

What other retail or reseller would ever be able to get away with marking up their inventory before you buy it? How long would a thrift store last if they wrote their name on the back of every shirt and dress?

You want to put your name on a book, WRITE ONE.

Be kind to your books and your customers, keep your stamps to yourself.

Biblio Bull-

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