Dear Bibliobull – sticker stuff

Dear Bibliobull –

What’s the best thing to remove stickers?

Stuck on.

Dear Stucko –

Depends on the sticker.

The first thing out of most people’s mouths is alcohol, but Isopropyl alcohol is mostly water and sucks for pretty much anything except general dust jacket cleaning, so I dont know why people recommend it.

But for most all stickers, you can just reach for the lighter fluid. Most lighter fluids are Naphtha which works on the acrylic adhesives and leaves everything else on the book alone. Very important – as products such as Goof-Off contain Xylene which is a paint remover and will eat through the gloss on the dust jacket right down to the ink.

For quicker tougher stickers, Bestine rubber cement and solvent works great – Bestine is from Union Rubber the folks who make rubber cement. It is pure heptane which is the 2nd ingredient in rubber cement. Heptane is also the major ingredient in Un-Du sticker remover.

Here’s a crib sheet

Goof off = Xylene and Methanol – (MSD SHEET)
Lighter fluid = Naphtha (MSD SHEET)
Un-Du = 100% Heptane (MSD SHEET)
Bestine rubber cement thinner = 100% Heptane (MSD SHEET)
Goo Gone = Naphtha with added Citrus Oil (MSD SHEET)
Blaster E-Z Take away = Mineral Spirits and Isopropyl (Propane) (MSD SHEET)

Biblio Bull-

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