Dear Bibliobull – sticky covers

Dear Bibliobull –

I just got in a signed limited modern first leatherette in slipcase and it feels a bit tacky. Any thoughts or suggestions on what to use on it?

Stick E. Wicket

Dear Sticky –

Not being able to feel the book, tackiness can be caused by lot of things. The primary problem to avoid is the book becoming stuck inside the slipcase.

Buy some cosmetic cotton rounds at the drug store, these are like cotton balls without all the stray fibers.

Test alcohol on the leatherette color, usually on a turn inside the the cover. If the color is stable, wipe the whole thing down with alcohol and let dry. If it is still sticky, do the same with lighter fluid(naphtha). My guess is one of those will remove the tackiness, but this may leave a dull finish.

Use the rounds again and apply Armor-all. Wipe it on in small circles and then let it dry. Wipe it off any excess. Original recipe armor-all is harmless and nearly 100% silicon in an emulsion that is also ph negative. The Armor-all will leave a hard slick finish that should keep the book from getting stuck inside the slip case.

Biblio Bull-

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