Dear Bibliobull – unglossy surface

Dear Bibliobull –

Those shiny dust jackets that have a coating are easy to clean. I use Windex wipes. But what about the jackets that have no coating? Those get the grimmest and could use cleaning but I am uncertain how to proceed.


High Gloss

Dear High –

To remove dirt from a matte finish surface try ‘adsorbing’, getting the surface dirt to adhere to something besides the paper. This method will not interfere with the inks. Absorene, document cleaning pads and/or ground eraser particulates are all good tools.

Bring the cheese grater out of the cupboard and grind up some art gum or Magic Rub eraser. Sprinkle the particles onto the dust jacket surface, then lightly rub/roll the pieces back and forth over the dirty parts, applying just enough pressure to cause some friction. Blow or brush the particles off the surface. Repeat with clean particles, for stubborn spots just use a white vinyl eraser straight on the spot.

Biblio Bull-

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