Dear BiblioBull – vellum

Dear Bibliobull –

What do you have that cleans vellum?

Dirty Skins.

Dear Skinny –

Go spit.

On the other hand, many folks have had good luck removing surface dirt with nonabrasive ground eraser bits. This includes document cleaning pads of various types which actually contain ground eraser bits. Ground eraser bits come in different sizes from coarse to fine, some companies will grind them to your specifications as a lot of institutions prefer Magic Rub eraser ground to a particular size. Grinds too small get stuck in the pores of the vellum or weave of the paper and grinds too large don’t adhere to the dirt as well.

Other folks have used Absorene, which is an ultra soft pink rubber eraser goo, which again you roll or rub across the surface so that it and it’s crumbly bits adhere to the surface dirt, then you use it to pick itself up.

Alas, after removing the surface dirt, stains usually remain. A mild liquid leather cleaner such as Lexol-ph can be tried, but this would be overkill for spot cleaning, I would only go that far if you were washing the entire binding.

SPIT is the tried and true recommended cleaner for vellum. Spit on a cotton ball or cotton swab and tackle the dirty spots in a small round motion. This should loosen it up and clean it as delicately as possible.

Biblio Bull-

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