Dear BiblioBull – wrinkled protection

Dear Bibliobull –

After putting dust jacket covers on my dust jackets to protect them, I finds that they now have waves.

How do I remove the waves -and how do I prevent them from occurring in the first place?

Wavy Gravy

Dear Wavy –

To remove the waves: take it off the book and put it on a smooth surface like a cutting mat or a kitchen counter. Put a dish towel over the wrinkly or wavy part and iron it lightly. You may have to peel it off the counter, so let it cool for a few seconds. You would have to use high or naked heat to melt it. For a bookseller: I would recommend ditching it and using a new one.

To prevent if from happening: buy a bone folder and use it to fit the dj covers properly. The waves occur because they aren’t on tight enough in the first place. The dj cover should fit SNUG without crinkling the dj itself, which means you may have to fold or trim the ready cut or lined ones. Even a 16th of an inch may cause slippage and hence wrinkling and waving. People who use unlined cover material usually don’t have this issue since they aren’t following any preformatted guideline.

Biblio Bull-

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