death of the B&M, my bad

I spent a lot of unearned money on forthcoming dvds. I having sworn off my local retailers because the prices aren’t all that great and it’s just TOO damn hard to get what i want. whereas if i want a book or a dvd or a pair of socks…i don’t want to go to 19 places looking for it when I can just reach right out on the internet and buy it. So I guess I am one of the people to blame for the death of the local retailer.

But SERIOUSLY, doncha hate it when you just want a simple pair of rag wool socks, or the right size intimate apparrel and you just can’t be bothered going to the mall. NOT that I am inclined to wander in and out of stores buying shit i don’t need. I just don’t have that kind of time. I am just not part of that american society that shops to show the terrorists that we aren’t afraid. (i am having flashes of roman decadence while the vandal hordes gather across the river)

Unfortunately by using the internet to shop I can ridiculously easy to get exactly what I want. Provided I steer away from flat-signage people.

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