Defy Superstition Day

1503 – Michelangelo begins work on his David.

birthday boys •
1876 –
Sherwood Anderson, American writer (d. 1941)
1894 –J.B. Priestley, English playwright and novelist (d. 1984)
1916 – Roald Dahl, Welsh writer (d. 1990)

future shock • The New York Times has developed a stand-alone digital reader that’s specifically modeled on … the printed newspaper. via Y. that’s gonna make subway reading a whole lot more interesting.

mitzvah • Japanese Lafcadio Hearn collector gives rare US newspapers to the University of Cincinnati. via Y.

talking head • from the Times Online an interview with Eamonn de Burca, the founder of Eamonn de Burca Rare Books via Y.

lost n’found • A handwritten manuscript by the Irish dramatist Sean O’Casey has been rediscovered more than 80 years after it disappeared. via Y.

first for thai • An international children’s library will open its doors next year – the first of it’s kind in Thailand. via Y.

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