deja regret

Sometimes i regret uncluttering something, almost never right may take years. Usually i have completely forgotten about the item or even forgotten i owned it…until something reminds me. Todays case in fact was something I must have sold many years ago, I had read Ryan’s Bridge too Far twice already and figured i didn’t really need it at hand. It’s never been out of print and easy to find if i wanted it back. But there are a great number of books i WANT to have in house..i can’t explain’s a bookie thing. Today I pulled out my 2 disc DVD set of a Bridge Too Far and watched all the documentaries before I started in on the movie. While I was watching my eye went up to the top shelf on the bookcase where this book WOULD have been if i still had it. Of course it wasn’t there so I scanned all the other shelves and it slowly dawned on me that I had been down this road before. The LAST time I watched Bridge too Far it had inspired me to reread it, but the cupboard was bare. Twice is enough, i pulled up and searched for a copy that was identical to the one I had owned and read. My copy was the fat little Pop Library mass market with the yellow cover. These Kindle E book cheerleaders have left out one crucial element of reading, the tactile. I love the feel of some books and along with the MEMORY of reading and enjoying the book was the feel of the book in one;s hands. In my opinion the paperbacks of the early 1970s were soft and warm in the hand, i still keep a few around with this unexplained feature. I have an 1974 Dracula that has a great cover color and feels like velvet clutch purse. My Hunter Thompson’s are faded and bent, but any other copies would fail to give off the same feeling of well worn and relaxed, and I could go on. I found a couple of copies on that are described as Pop Lib paperbacks, they were under $2 each and i ordered two…because well i don’t trust booksellers I don’t know. The last time i tried replacing ‘reading’ editions it took a couple of purchases and a longer time because one copy is not as described. I’d rather not be disappointed, I can always find a home for a second copy, and $2 is a small price to pay not to be aggravated.

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