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Fine Edition Books of Greenhithe, Kent, UK has this delicious description in their catalog. Which since I have read both items, I rather prefer to the book in question.

King, Stephen. SKELETON CREW. London: Macdonald, 1985. Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good. First British Edition.
“A well preserved old turd of a book. Items like this make me angry. Essentially the book is in fine condition with very clean brown boards, a rock-solid spine with very fine gold stamping and a clean, glossy dust jacket. However, what really pinkels me off is that the head and heel of the spine, whose structural integrity could have been preserved with a modicum of care, have given way to gravity, because someone was careless enough to allow this to happen when the book was packed or read. All in all a fine copy, but for the careless handling of the spine’s extremities. As publishers already handle their books like potatoes and sell them in supermarkets, I wouldn’t be surprised if the printed word were sold by the kilo in years to come. “I’ll have a pound of sprouts, a bunch of grapes, four Cumberland sausage rings and 24 pages of the latest Stephen King, pleeze”!!!.

I thought it was a one off but I was wrong:

Moorcock, Michael. THE BANE OF THE BLACK SWORD . DAW Books, N.Y., 1977. Paperback. Book Condition: Very Fine. Fourth DAW Printing. New York, DAW Books. 1977. Fourth DAW printing of yet another rewrite job. Who on earth messed around with Moorcock’s early sword and sorcery, and why? Michael Whelan’s cover art achieves some consistency in that Elric – looking like the leadsinger of a 70s glamrock group on another DAW cover – is back to his Persil white albino best, competing for the coveted ‘Hausfrau of the Year’ award with the equally bleached corpse he is facing in battle in a foggy auditorium that looks like any London venue the night Pink Floyd is playing and there’s cheap dope around. A very fine clean copy in clean glossy wrappers and a glowing, yellow DAW spine.

Moorcock, Michael. ELRIC OF MELNIBONE. DAW Books, N.Y., 1976. Paperback. Book Condition: Very Fine. Fourth Printing. Fourth DAW printing of another rewrite job, this one originally butchered by Lancer Book in 1972. Moorcock has restored missing text that WAS included in the Hutchinson first edition published in hardcover in the UK, where publishers don’t dare smeg around with big Mike’s scripts. Michael Whelan’s cover art restores the albino look to Elric, the Melnibonian having returned from his tour of the UK sporting a 70s glamrock image. A very fine copy in spotless, clean wrappers and a virginal spine of the DAWest yellow

Pay attention children! this is a seller who knows how to sell books! I find myself jonesing to browse their catalog and read more yummy tidbits. I would certainly be more inclined to BUY something from this seller than a seller who puts in none of the effort but yet lists for half the price.

Go patronize this seller immediately – we need more online vendors of this ilk. I only WISH my lists read like this.

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