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IMG_1831 Most of the money that is flitting through my fingers isn’t actually for tangible items, at least it doesn’t look like it is to me. I’m getting just as many items off Craigslists FREE section as I am buying in the shops. I actually feel kinda guilty how pleased I have been with my choices, the Truck for one makes me very happy. Aside from a camera, nothing else can be considered a big ticket item, unless you consider the porch and a shite load of insulation. The little Instant Pot has been a complete surprise how handy and delightful it is. Pricey little bastard at about $100, it does exactly what it says on the tin, it doubles as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, all around cook everything cooker. I haven’t missed the 36 inch stove i had least not yet, i’m hoping it wasn’t actually supposed to be heating the kitchen. I parked the pot on the counter and use it nearly everyday, boiled eggs, stews, soups, bread pudding, lasagna, i even did a fry up one morning with sausage, home fries and scrambled eggs. Buying it let me move the slower cooker and pressure cooker into the basement storage. I don’t regret spending the money on it.
IMG_1837 Another thing I am pleased with is the stainless tea kettle, i’m one of those folks who brews up a pot of tea and keeps reheating it until its scary dark. A better investment than the white plastic ones, which i had to replace every year.IMG_1835 There’s not much room in the kitchen for anything else…though the little Grundig radio turned out to be a lot less of a frivolous purchase, it was commandeered for the porch construction on the first day, besides it’s battery operated, for those Nor’easter power outages I see in my future.
IMG_1834 On the advice of the contractor, I picked up a little Makita hand saw, it should actually do all the cutting i need doing, considering I have as yet not used the large circular saw I picked up at the Pawn shop in May, i looked at the weight on this thing and jumped at it. My rationalization was that the more small jobs I can do for myself, the fewer i have to pay people to do. There’s a bunch of strapping needing installation upstairs as well as the paneling. However if I can scrape up the pennies, I will be hiring the contractor’s dogsbody to help me speed things up. I don’t mind paying him $15 an hour for a couple of hours helping ME do a task, but i wouldn’t pay him to do a days work unsupervised, that’s a waste of money. My hope is that once the porch is ‘finished’ as in usable by man and beast without either one escaping, i can switch focus to completing the upstairs project.
IMG_1873 One of today’s two acquisitions was a little relatively expensive LED flashlight, I found this model recommended by First Responders and I had actually gotten fed up with the cheap badly working ones I had brought with me. It was a little shocking how much illumination you get from this one, and the bezel glows in the dark so i can actually find it when i’m looking for it. It was indeed expensive as far as flashlights go, at least i’m not in the habit of losing them. I was a little fed up the night i ordered it, there’s no street lights on my end of the street and one you walk off my porch, it’s black as pitch hence the flashlight that doesn’t fuck around.

And the latest acquisition for which I don’t feel guilty for plunking down the money, was a new USED laptop straight from the Pawn Shop…my other laptop had been working perfectly well when i put it on the sidetable this morning…later noticing it had been on the receiving end of a golden shower probably by the chihuahua…i think he was trapped on the bed and couldn’t get down. So the moisture hits the motherboard and the motherboard goes to motherboard heaven. The repair shop that services the college advised me to go to the pawn shop which was having a sale. It’s not a bad little machine and the price was adequate, A laptops not something i can do without for more than a few days.

Still a surprising amount of pricey crap for a tiny little life in a tiny little house.

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