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Bird's-eye_View_of_Greenfield,_MAFrom what I can tell there’s only about 8 of you consistently reading this, and if you keep coming back for more –  i will keep emptying the slop trough that is my head onto the page. but remember you asked for it.

On Monday I got a letter from Lawyer#4  dated 10/3 which reads like we had never met.  he encouraged me to have them contact my brother and set up a meeting, which if i am NOT MISTAKE WAS WHAT WE DISCUSSED TWO WEEKS AGO.   So you can see i had a bit of a meltdown.  Monday I sent him an email playing nice, asking that he DO what he said he was going to do, which was contact my brother and ask for a sit down and an audit.  I even included my brothers email and phone.   Tuesday I tried calling and was told that Lawyer4 was in court all week.  So i sent an email asking that someone ELSE in his office take up the slack since it is small potatoes to them.   Wednesday i did a lot of crying, rending and wailing….hey!  I’m allowed!.

My friend M__  held my hair back while I vomited into the porcelain bullhorn last night via SKYPE.  When i came back to my senses she reminded me that i can very well fire Lawyer4’s ass too, though I am terrified that they have secretly been billing me for SOMETHING, i can only imagine what.    Today…Thursday, I called Lawyer4’s office and left a voicemail for whom I can only assume is their office manager, the person who DOES the billing.   I did my best butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth voice and asked for an accounting of anything i have been billed for, informing her that if they didn’t act on my behalf by tomorrow that i would be going with another firm.

I seem to have lost a lot of ground here, I am back where i started, and I still don’t know what my brother is DOING, who is he talking to, what is he planning.  The refinance on the second mortgage expires 1st week of November, so i KNOW he is plotting something.  PLUS i am out 100 dollars for wasting my time believing still another man’s empty promises.

I called back and got the billing minion at the office of Lawyer#4, I asked what I had been billed for and she couldn’t tell me because they were having issues ‘updating’ their computers. What she could tell me was the Lawyer#4 would be out of the office tomorrow as well. So I said “thank you very much but you’re fired.”

And as I was firing the lawyer for not doing what they said they were going to do, the gas company came and did what they said they were going to do. I am not exceedingly worried THIS time…it will be inconvenient but If HIMSELF wants to sell the house, he sure as hell is going to have to turn my gas back on. It shouldn’t get cold for another month anyway.

I am rooting around for Lawyer#5. I got the name of a likely candidate from the Lawyer Referral Service from the Mass Bar…still waiting for him to call back. There’s another local yokel that I know down the road I could hit up, and I have one recommendation of  a ‘new’ lawyer but I really don’t think he has the experience to deal with Himself.

Meanwhile I processed the few orders that came in and shipped them out and ordered more erasers. Now i am broke again, i can’t concentrate on anything, i fucking HATE living in limbo! I NEED a course of action, I HATE waiting around for MEN to decided to DO what they are supposed to be doing. Why the fuck couldn’t Lawyer#4 just DO what he said he was going to do? Now i have to find another sonofabitch who isn’t going to lie to me, to talk to the other sonofabitch who DOES lie to me.

I am working on the  program for the silent auction benefit for the rescue group which needs to be finished and printed and stapled 100 copies by TOMORROW at 4pm. Talk about cutting it close.. they still haven’t provided me with the Ads for the layout. Sheesh. the shit you have to put up with when you are working for FREE.

I literally and i mean literally think the universe will do everything in its power to stop me from getting the hell out of here and going someplace else to be happy. It will throw body after body into the roadway in front of me. Well fuck em. If i have to sit here in the dark and the cold holding out until I get the cash money I deserve, that’s fine. I am going to throw all of it into buying a house of my own and setting it up to be as economical to run as possible, I never again want to have MY fate decided by someone else.

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