digestive bits

In case you were wondering (and god knows why you would) both acquisitions do exactly what it says on the in. The Waring burner doesn’t cycle…i suspect this is the model they use in all those in store demonstrations..the flip side is that it stays hot after you shut it off, so i have to move it someplace safe while it does that. With my luck i will hit it with my arm or something. THe Food processor chops well if not nicely..no regularity to the cuts, but what do i care? what started off as white beans with garlic and basil, was soon swimming in red pepper and onion. Then for giggles i sliced some Soy Italian Sausage into it, not to cook i didn’t want it to fall apart because i found it surprisingly tasty…no really it is. Pain in the ass part about the food choppy thing is once it is assembled it doesn’t fit back in the box and i have zilch cabinet space for it. One of my new rules is that things can only stay on the counter for three days and then it needs to find a home. So i need to rearrange the cabinets to find room for the parts. I doubt i will be using the salad spinny basket…what else is it for?

BTW one of my tenants must have visited the Magic Hat Brewery in Vermont, because i found an empty growler in the recycling. Doubtful I will drive to Vermont to refill it for $7 bucks – i certainly have other uses for it. It now holds ice tea – btw the screw cap from a bleach bottle fits just right. Finally i don’t have a crappy plastic pitcher in their growing black mold around the rim. Yeah I know..i am easily amused. I told you today had it all over yesterday. Very laid back.

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