digital corners

“atop a beaver dam in the Spicket River, Methuen

As part of my winterizing, I clean off the porch and move all the yard items into the barn, I also clean my desk and office, including doing housekeeping on the hard drives.  That’s when I find all sorts of things which I had already been looking for. This year I also ‘cleaned’ out my camera, my flash drives and my cell phone.  Strange the stuff that sticks in the corners. I carry a camera with me always, so I hadn’t even looked at my phone pix as ‘pictures’.

“Dr Kim Trahan at work at one of ARMV’s clinics

I snap phone pictures infrequently, usually when I leave my camera in the truck. But I still haven’t figured out what its ideal range is. Either the subject is too close, or the lighting isn’t right, sometimes it auto adjusts, sometimes it doesn’t. Oy, even with the cheapest non adjustable camera I can get a feeling for what it can do. This device escapes me.

I guess I just need to take more pictures and keep track of what it does.

Hampshire Rd over Spicket River

Stella at adoptions


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