imbibeit means writing about drinking –  don’t bother . . .  i already looked some lazy sot is squatting on the domain wasting it, the bastard.

apparently the more i read about the drinking life the more there is to be read.  sorry folks this is all new to me, i’m from a family of  a few alcoholics and a lot of abstentionists, so a viewing alcohol through a normal glass is brand new to me.

The most recent issue of Imbibe has a profile of publisher and dipsography collector Greg Boehm who wisely sells reproductions of these vintage books at Cocktail Kingdom.

What I have learned about cocktail books so far is that the old ones may be rare, valuable and interesting they are impractical for use, many of the ingredients don’t exist or are only now being replicated.  New shiny colored cocktail books are generally written for the home mixologist are ten a penny.   Craddock’s 1930 Savoy Cocktail book is important as the first to appear after prohibition…who though THAT was a good idea?… but  internally inconsistent due to his borrowing liberally from many sources to make it fatter.

As it is I need to learn the basics before i pay attention to flavored vodkas and  glasses with umbrellas in them.  But we all know i’m gonna end up working someplace dark and loud with pickled eggs on the bar.  I do like a good pickled egg.

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