dirty fingernails

I flipped my first bike today, and maybe by morning the second one – both to college students. Flipping is like used book selling but with bicycles. I am becoming the queen of the $20 bike. Where I live, bikes are odd, they are either expensive or worthless – no in between. The next city over is filled with them, but those are the ones stolen from all the surrounding communities. The bikes in the towns are either spanking new and very expensive or in basements and covered in cobwebs. At any given yard sale will have at least one bike and I know just enough about buying them to be dangerous right now. I bought two bikes over the weekend (and some books) and craigslisted them almost immediately, but to be fair, I only bought one bike for the rear rack. Which I spent the day attaching to my GOOD bike – and it wasn’t as easy to do as to type. I had to remove the entire rear wheel and gears, and learn how it was put together, so I could put it BACK together afterwards. I had a blast. I haven’t had a chance to do anything like that in FOREVER. It was sooo relaxing, I forgot about the other hundred things I was supposed to be doing. This pretty little thing, a Raleigh from 1977, low miles, only one owner, but she needs new tires and I get to do THAT tomorrow . . . after I list books, and pack and ship orders – the tires will be my reward. Eventually I hope to own a bike made in THIS century – but where’s the rush?

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