Daisy goes to plum island
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my main PC died mid keystroke friday. i think it overheated, no big i switch off to my laptop until my pc gets back from my computer guy. now i discovered, no more 1 day turn around as my computer ‘guy’ took a day job so that he could afford to keep his shop open. I left it with his wife and now i am in some sort of painful limbo until i hear from them.

Indeed i have been told i could buy an entire new computer off the shelf at walmart for $300. which sounds like a good deal, but i have been carefully sculpting my pc for years now. just the right size memory, software, drives, ports, etc….i would hate to start all over.

Perhaps computers have finally reached the same stage of technology as televisions, cameras and dvd players? they break you throw them away and buy a new one within minutes because it is cheaper and easier than having it repaired.

It would be a shame, if everything was that way.

Yes that’s my 40 year old bike. i took it to Plum island one afternoon and passed about 30 other people all on this seasons bikes. I’d hate to dispose of her just because she thew a shoe or something,

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