DIY peripheral rack hack

This is a take on something i found in another blog, but I cannot for the life of me remember where. The original had used the wobbly stackable paper sorters. I had this much more stable one to work with: the sides and tops are medium density fiberboard, the back is a very thin fiberboard and the shelves are just corrugated cardboard.

paper sorter - beforedrillbit
I took all the crap out of the paper sorter and loosened the back a bit.

I used the 1/2″ drill bit as it is larger that most of the cable ends I need to insert.
I also used a serrated knife to enlarge the holes where needed.



Pull the cabling through to the front and connect all the peripherals.

The rear has all the cables protruding as well as the router’s antennae.
which i could also put on top if i need the top slot for something else.


Final result.


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