do you roku?

one of the things you do when you are broke, is explore the things you already have to find out if you can get more out of them. I simply can’t believe i have had my Roku box for 3 years and didn’t know there were ‘extra’ channels available. …no i don’t mean porn…well i haven’t found that yet.

I had set out to find a way to watch the tour d’france streaming, ostensibly online, since i don’t have TV tv anymore. ..i’m supposed to have the basic cable package but it stopped working last year and i haven’t figure out why, and i;m not sure i care… regardless one of the links i found was to NowhereTV which seems to be a non corporate private channel which streams an alarming number of free feeds all in one place.. right now i am bopping back and forth between all the NPR, PRI, American Media, and other news feeds, both video and audio. There are a lot of ‘channels’ on this channel, Geek and Sundry from youtube, NasaTV, BBC news, Internet Archive, celebrity podcasts etc..
wait…let me back up… Streamfree TV has a list of Private Channels you can add to your Roku box, basically these do not appear on the Channel Store that appears on the Roku, you have to add the codes manually. Librivox, FreeSpeechTV, Livestream, CNN..

The Roku box is a little black box (about $70) with no buttons and no lights that sits next to my tv and allows me to watch Netflix Instant Watch, and Amazon streaming or Hulu Plus etc..and a lot of other free or pay channels. I already pay for Netflix, I am so not going to pay more money for television…but more free stuff sign me up.

Now not everything on ‘free channels’ is the same HD caliber you are going to get from things you pay for…but hell, it’s free information or entertainment. Who quibbles?

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