dog days

Its taken until about three days ago for the weather in New England to sync up with the actual calendar. Sticky hot days that have me eying my blue tarp covered A/C units like they were covered in chocolate sauce . I owe the electric company even the crumbs from my soul, so plugging these money vacuums in would be an act of desperation. I will let it slide until my roommates show some sign of discomfort. One of the work at home benefits, is the right to type while naked ( I AM dressed right now in case you were wondering.) Another bonus is being able to change your schedule so you can sleep during the day and work when the sun is turned off.

Another great bonus of self employment, is being able to bitch about your work, your customers, your boss. I can blog, not blog. Venting about whatever hair is across my ass is not something I could give up, regardless of how well paying a straight job someone offered me. The poor bastards who have to work for a living are becoming more and more hamstrung by the day. Borders is trying to limit their employees first amendment right of free speech. On one hand you can see a business not wanting FALSE information to reach the light of day, but seriously folks if your employees aren’t blogging on company time and spreading falsities, you are shit out of luck. But businesses with big hat lawyers on retainer can easily intimidate your average 10 dollar an hour bookstore clerk with just a sternly worded letter. I have seen this creeping along in corners of corporate America, it was only a matter of time before it started squeezing the throats of people who have actually read the 1st amendment.

This is “Rosie”, it took 3 hours and 5 McDonalds cheeseburgers to lure her after someone had abandoned her down by the river. She has an intense fear of men making it hard to find a placement for her; but she’s a happy little creature, luckily indifferent to cats

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