dog tail

Funny story….i was heading off to the special collections library and i ended up behind the Animal Control Van…a friend of mine, so i follow her for a block or two and ring her up…we got to talking about rescues and she says “know anyone who wants a ‘nice’ Chihuahua? and I say a ‘nice?’ chihuahua? so we pull over on a random block and she opens the van and introduces me to this little guy…who remarkably is a ‘nice’ chihuahua..someone had tied him out in an alley and the turkey vultures were circling….she rescued him a few days ago and she’s carting him around to work with him and show him around, now i’m taking pictures of him so i can put him on Facebook and such…and along comes this very old woman walking to market…a neighborhood woman who is also friends with the animal control officer..the woman in fact had adopted her share of rescue dogs one at a time and the last one had passed away from cancer…long story short…too late?…after making introductions and tossing around words like ‘test drive’ and ‘foster home’ the little old lady and the little old dog toddled off back down the street together…and yes i am kicking myself for not taking an iphone picture. weird timing huh?

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