doing without

Two of my favorite things I don’t have anymore. George disappeared this summer. Knowing George as I do, I suspect he just found a house with better food and fewer cats. Hell, that’s how I got him in the 1st place…btw MICROCHIP YOUR EFFING PETS!..and your kids if you can get away with it. George was supposed to have a chip, turns out he didn’t….but then it won’t help unless someone wands him.

The thing he is sitting on was my beloved HP Pavillion which after years of dedicated service and many facelifts has finally bit the dust. I can’t even figure out how I am going to function without it. I learned ages ago not to keep anything irreplaceable on it, so it was basically a very powerful netbook, I could take it on jobs and crunch very large databases, restore a photographs, tweak some websites etc.. best part was I didn’t have to sit in the goddamn chair for hours on end. I could move to the reading chair, or the porch etc…I definitely need to replace it. But there are so many things I need to throw money at before a new laptop. So, unless I find one in the street, I am shit out of luck.

I already did a dumbass thing today after i collected the junkyard cash for my old truck, which was actually newer than my new truck, I made a hundred dollar bill vanish faster than a vegas stage act all I did waved it in the air when I drove past the grocery store and the drug store. I did let the whole national gluttony day thing effect me though, and i bought things I rarely do…like meat and antihistamines. Now if i had a few more junk trucks to sell, i’d be in hog heaven.

not my truck, just an old pic I had laying around

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