Yes Virginia there is still no snow…and not likely to have any serious snow until next year…unless of course it snows in JUNE, which I have seen happen. It wouldn’t be a big deal, but usually New England’s mud season only lasts a few weeks, this year, it will go on for months. In my never ending struggle NOT to off myself, I actually got a couple of projects done this week. Which should be a red flag to say that I have other projects that I MUST get done and SHOULD be working on, but for some reason I will dredge up and do nearly ANYTHING else to keep my busy so I won’t have to.

Anyway, See that tab that says Publications? yeah that. I have had some Createspace publishing projects that for the last few years I have WANTED to finish and I did the two easiest. They are basically the sharpest reprints of a material that is well out of print, but nearly ALL the print on demand reprints are wicked over priced. These are short, clean and cheap.

I have my eye on a couple of other titles to add in sort of a uniform series.  My theory is to do one a month.  as each page has to be restored like a photograph ..which separates MINE from other people’s…it’s not quick. but mindless enough.  – once it’s out there in the real world, selling or not, i don’t have to revisit it.  not bad for busy work.

NOW what i have on my desk, are all those scanned essays by a local writer that need editing.  The draw back is that they are very badly written.  I am ONLY editing for clarity, i am leaving the guy’s natural voice which excuses a hell of a lot of bad writing.  But once they are massaged into a bookish format, and some photos are added in.  I will publish this as well.  But thinking about it, I am going to have to start a different CreateSpace account with the friend who brought me that title.  I don’t want to have to go parsing out his royalties from MY own royalties.  God forbid.


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