franklindeskI opened this file about 4 hours ago when i sat down. I kept saying, lets do it when I am done all the other work…but the trouble is the other work is never done. there is always more email to answer, more book keeping to do, more website maintenance. I just had to stop and process a book order…YEAH, I know a BOOK order? when’s the last time i sold one of those? I do have some paranoia about it. I think this is the customer who set off all my alarm bells last week, I may have to actually ship this book certified. Though that won’t help me if they decide to cancel their payment. Sometimes you just get a bad feeling you know? but alas it’s an amount I can’t turn my nose up at just yet. So I will cross my fingers and ship – assume benign intent.

On the bright side i got hired to actually BUILD a website the other day, I am still juggling a lot of non profit work….i mean A LOT, so it’s nice when i can actually wrest some money out of the machine. Now if the customer would only give me the rest of the data, I could get finished and get paid,

I am also trying to put together a community cookbook for the rescue group, my labors to be paid for at a later date of course, but at this moment it’s like I am pulling a steam engine with my teeth.

Sicpress is doing intermittently poorly, every so often there will be a spike in sales, usually from someone doing it a good turn and talking it up somewhere on the net. Then I have to scramble to fill a bunch of orders with product I have yet to restock. I make just enough money from it to keep going, but not enough to live on.

There is a rumor of a bartending job that i have to chase down, and that online mag thing is still in limbo..and lets not forget Uncle Sam…if the census people take me on again it won’t be until April just in time for it to all go right back into Uncle Sam’s pocket book.

I get the feeling i need to write another book…what can i get you all to buy? porn? nah..tried that i can’t write porn..i get bored after 2 pages and start looking for food. hey i got it…i could write an entire book about how to avoid writing.

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