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You go in dollar stores but you don’t LOOK at them analytically. The one i went in yesterday was completely different from the others around. instead of a nice clean chain store that pandered to middle class folks looking for a deal, this one was deep in an urban neighborhood with more of a flea market vibe. you have to considered the dollar as a unit of measure rather than currency. bulk packages of individual items were broken down into one dollar packages. This time out I used the price checker on the not-my-iphone, (the irony was NOT LOST ON ME) but it was eye opening…many of the canned foods and dry food packages actually for a dollar or less elsewhere, so its presence isn’t an indicator of a sale, merely a unit of measure.

The food stuffs from the last post were not as edible as I had hoped..the ‘ham’ was basically a pork version of salted beef, rather leathery, and the chips were highly salted as well – the eggs seem harmless enough.
I went with non-food items this time.

The whiffle golf balls are hard to find these days but they are the best cat toys – ever. The powered cleanser and scrub pads were indeed half the price of normal, the wallpaper brush can be found new online from .99 to 5.99 so who the hells knows…they are probably seconds – i don’t care i use them to clean behind the baseboards.

The 260grams(9.5oz)  Tide vends for .50 when you can find it. But it does 4 loads of washing for .50 – for someone in an urban area where buying a volume box of 160 ounces is a large chunk of change -it’s a easy purchase.  Needless to say little bags are easier to carry to the laundromat.

I am going to have to look into this a little more, dollar stores are tempting to those with change in their pocket, but they can be distracting. how much of it do you really need? and what and isn’t a good deal?  if it is the only store you have access to – it’s easy 1 item = 1 dollar regardless of the volume or quality. If you are looking to save money using them you have to WORK at it. which means you need a shopping list and you will be only saving a few pennies on each item if it is actually a sale item.  but fuck that….dollar stores are fun..


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