don’t be evil

When are bullies going to learn? the internet is going to punish you eventually. Remember this NYT mag piece last month? A Bully Finds a Pulpit on the Web (November 28, 2010) where the internet ‘vendor’ sells overpriced fake eyeglasses then threatens, bullies and stalks anyone who complained because their internet complaints actually drove up their popularity in Google’s algorithms? Since this guy finally got outted, too bad it took a national newpaper to do the outing, Google has supposedly changed their formula not to reward such bad behavior. and as of this morning our villain is in handcuffs awaiting arraignment.

I am trying to decided ‘what the hell was he THINKING?’ when he confessed to such things in the interview with reporter for the first article. Granted I don’t think it would have made much difference in the outcome, but i can definitely see where his arrogance came around to bite him in the ass. We live in an age of schadenfreude, where for an nickel someone will kick you when you are down and someone else will post the video on youtube. The lesson to be learned is don’t do anything online you wouldn’t do in the real world and certainly be proud of it.

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