Double negative? You mean you have photographs?"

Well, it happend my blog has devolved into what I didn’t like about blogs…what the fuck does anyone care about how runny my nose gets or what I cooked for dinner? Even I don’t really care. I was just trying to be consistent. I hate cruising blogs and not finding them updated with SOMETHING, it indicates that the owner doesn’t care enough.
so, onward christmas soldiers………….

I spent many hours while abed flipping thru all the accumulated photographs in those dusty boxes stored under it: all the envelopes with fuzzy images and less than stellar artwork. I decided upon which ones I could digitize and make use off and actually THREW the rest away….yes, I actually DID that. Then I began fighting with the HP Scanner software, which keeps defaulting to 150 dpi when scanning images. The recommend dpi for scanning snapshots that you want to eventually PRINT is about 300 dpi. Since I intend to manipulate my images, enlarging and cropping, I usually pump it up to 350 dpi. Then I may have to clean the images. These are all pictures I shot with either my Canon Ae-1 or my Minolta (which I still have) I think there are even some images I took with my Minox Spy camera. Soon I will buy a better digital camera which will hopefully bump me up to 4 mega pixels. I think I will go back to shooting a lot more then. I really need to spend some more time with Photoshop, I love playing with my pictures. The one above I shot with the 400 long lens on the Minolta from the side of the road in Maine. It’s basically shredded fiberglass cloth hanging from the roof of a shed….the residents with the ATVs and shotguns weren’t too far behind, I only had time to shoot 3 images and then book it. I Photoshopped the image (can I use photoshop as a verb?) and applied the dust & speckle filter to a serious degree, this creates an ‘impressionist’ look to images. It’s not all THAT interesting by itself, perhaps I should convert it to black and white and the do some dodging and burning, and pretend I am Ansel Adams. My aim to so cull enough images from my collection to do some sort of picture book, perhaps with some text laid over the images. Hey, I can dream can’t I?
Thanks be to Redbull! who needs to sleep?

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