down to the nubbins

2014-08-17 09.49.49I actually wish I could have moved all in one go. I  have spent hundreds of hours trying to work out the logistics …with the house as it is, nearly everything would have ended up piled on the lawn, and considering how WET the weather has been every time i was up there, i’m sure life would have gotten very ugly very quickly. I’ve scheduled another smaller rental truck on Wednesday for one last push, and aside from the barest essentials and the cats, everything possible will be fair game for that trip. Once the boxes were removed from the present apartment, it became possible to break down the bookcases and push stuff around the rooms piling up the new shipment. If I can pack the desk top computer and products it will all go too.

I’ve driven nearly 1000 miles recently and its wearing thin, yesterday’s flying trip up and back with the dog, accomplished some very small housekeeping items yet still cost the same in cash. I accepted a loan of an air mattress, rearranged the house to make room for the new offload..and brought up what i thought were items that could live in the SHED….What i discovered is that the shed is a teardown…the new lawnmower still in its cardboard box was now just a wet sodden pile of compost, and i suspect all the other items i have stored in there…like my bicycles are starting to rust. I’d rather store them under tarps on the porch until t2014-08-17 09.37.57he basement gets waterproofed…knock wood.

As many times as I have been to Maine this summer, I have actually explored it very little. So far I have marked out a gas station, a bank, and a chinese take out  place…and summer is basically over…I KNOW this, cause i spent three hours coming home on the Maine Turnpike with fleeing tourists! note to self, don’t go anywhere on Friday or Sunday eves in summer.

The only water spot I have visited is my basement…the poor dehumidifier is sitting there abandoned like Wall-E chugging along doing its job, but the amount of moisture down there is over its head. Once I am there, I will be able to empty it more often. When I’m there I will also deal with the attic, I didn’t even go look at it this time…I expect to spend a lot of evenings alone up there pulling nails out of beams, no longer sleeping on the floor will be a great motivator. There have been a number of suggestions that i sleep on the boxes of books…which sounds logical, but the air mattress sounds a lot more comfortable.

2014-08-17 14.03.44

As yet the only food I have eaten in my new house was a poptart…the fridge still only holds water bottles and the only food I have brought up is in cans..As yet there’s no way to HEAT anything yet.  I am determined to leave my large microwave and pick up the small dorm room sized ones on sale right now.  And maybe possibly perhaps treat myself to that Instant Pot thing I saw on Youtube.   The reviews are terrific for the device, but mostly because  it will allow me to move a number of things in my cupboard into storage instead of taking up precious counter real estate.   I was tickled to death this weekend to find that an old wine rack I had been using for rolled maps could be rearranged to fit into a very odd cubby hole.  I knew there was a reason to hang onto that bits of rack.

With the new house I will finally be able to implement a LOT of the weird crap I acquired over time and has survived the many clutter purges.  The new rule is that if it doesn’t fit, it can’t stay.  Most especially now when the storage spaces arent usable.  I wish I could do the same with the cats, but alas…they are family, I am committed to making the remainder of their lives comfortable, even if mine is not.  It definitely came to a head in this apartment..without the use of the big brick porch, my apartment wasn’t big enough for all of us…and until the new house has a new porch, its not big enough for us either.  Today, the three cats who prefer outdoors to indoors will make the trip to the wild life sanctuary, where they will have that choice.  I have been trying to move them along for a ouple of years now.  The rest of the troupe all prefer indoors to outdoors, though I am sure the cages aren’t what they envisioned.

I’m toying with the idea of changing the name of the blog to STILL LIFE WITH CATS, though I try NOT to think of myself as a cat lady. I dont’ have one image or printed things in the house with cats on it.  Cats aren’t even my favorite animal, but as time goes along I found i have curtailed my life to their schedule.  If it’s 90 degrees out and everyone’s asleep, I take their queue and join them, naps are good.



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